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Lucerne, Switzerland: the SoloMia dynamic bill that In-Spira, in collaboration with eGlue, created for Enegan Luce & Gas was named by Quadient among the best dynamic communication experiences of 2018. With opening rates exceeding 50% and user satisfaction higher than 75%, SoloMia has proved to be a revolutionary tool in the field of customer experience.

We will talk about this innovative project to the Quadient Executive Advisor Board within the panel discussion on companies and digital “How enterprises buy digital? New models of the enterprise digital consumption“.

The SoloMia project was launched in April 2018 and has already 110,000 monthly mailings with a terrific percentage of openings (an average of 51%), a dynamic bill that is revolutionising the customer experience in the utility sector, offering users documents that are easy to consult, full of services and available on any device. A tool that accelerates digital transformation, and that has rapidly become a European best practice. So says Quadient, but it’s really the users that say it, because SoloMia has received more than 75% of positive reviews from users.

Not only revolutionary, but also beautiful and useful: SoloMia is easy to consult, simple, intuitive, and pleasing to the eye, thanks to its colourful graphics. It immediately replaced old, boring, and difficult bills thanks to a personal panel that highlights all useful information. In addition, it offers a constantly updated view of the active services, the status of payments, and allows you to pay the balance directly from the panel, saving valuable time for maximum usability. All this while keeping an eye at the environment, thanks to updated data on CO2 emissions and its many tips to save energy while taking care of the planet.