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Graphic design

Graphic Design, graphic and visual design, is the art or the ability to combine elements such as text, graphics, images, colors in advertising, magazines and books: it is any visual means intended to communication, to send a message or to illustrate the characteristics of a product, with the aim of creating a story or a suggestive message that attracts potential users.

Cosa facciamo
  • brand identity
  • print design
  • packaging
Fondazione Calasanzio
Presentazione & brand identity
brand identity
Calasanzio Institute is an equal school deeply rooted in the community of Empoli, and supported by a foundation of previous students, parents, teachers. For this Foundation we started a restyling of the brand identity, destined, above all, to this internal public, yearning for seeing a new logo, communication and imaginary. Created printed material reflected this strategy: refresh communication showing the living reality of an institution as prestigious as projected into the future.
#gofurther the lack of renovation and the obligated choice between past and future.