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Graphic design

Graphic Design, graphic and visual design, is the art or the ability to combine elements such as text, graphics, images, colors in advertising, magazines and books: it is any visual means intended to communication, to send a message or to illustrate the characteristics of a product, with the aim of creating a story or a suggestive message that attracts potential users.

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Enegan Spa
brand identity
SoloMia is an Enegan service intended to update its customers on gas and light consumptions: in line with company's brand identity and based on attention to environment and technological innovation, we developed a particularly smart bill version. Every month Enegan customers receive a communication via email and or message that provides the right access to a landing page. Here you can monitor your consumptions and the related C02 compensation made by the company, in addition to paying bills and instantly receiving invoices.
#gofurther old bills, waste of paper, waste of time