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We think communication means telling a story, creating an able to move narration, moving, entertaining and exciting. This is what we do every day: we transform products and brands into important messages, possible experiences, narrative paths that you cannot forget.

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Ottica Colpo D’Occhio
We are thrilled to work alongside those who help see life from a different perspective. Modern, unique, and well-known in the metropolitan city of Florence in Tuscany. When it comes to "eye," you're talking about "Colpo D'Occhio." Working with Ottica Colpo D'Occhio is a great pleasure for Attico Rossini Agency. We have already challenged ourselves with the rebranding and new communication of a well-known brand like Enegan S.p.a, whose mission is to reduce CO2 emissions in the Tuscan territory (have you checked it out? You can find the project here!). This time, another modern Tuscan reality has chosen us to work on their main product, the Holy Grail of vision: Ottica Colpo D'Occhio. Their request was to create a new functional strategic communication with a rebranding for their clients, which could show the entire range of optical services. #guardainalto so that the world smiles at you.a
Attico Rossini - Fabio Schiano
Attico Rossini - Fabio Schiano
Attico Rossini - Fabio Schiano
Attico Rossini - Ottica Colpo d'occhio